Monday, 4 July 2011

What does peace mean to you?

It is hard sometimes to define peace. While the basic definition is "no war", is it not also important to realize that peace means more than simply a cessation of armed conflict? A large part of the Agents of Peace project is collecting different definitions of peace and it is amazing how varied responses to such a simple question can be.

Is peace: a cessation of war? Human security? The ability and right to make your own choices? The freedom to be yourself? The privilege of knowing where your next meal is coming from?

Please tell us what peace means to you.


  1. Peace comes in all sizes and packages. It can be as simple as a day on the beach: as the saying goes, a day of surf is better than years of psychotherapy :0)

  2. Not being forced to suffer the inhuman lies and apathy of nation state constructs and neighbors alike.