Monday, 11 July 2011

Support for Eddson Chakuma

Eddson Chakuma and his family are in desperate need of financial and moral support. Eddson is in the process of starting a chicken project to support his wife, 3 year old son and his retired parents, who he takes care of. 

Eddson is an inspiring character--he is one of 6 Zimbabwean activists currently facing trial for merely attending a lecture and watching video footage of the North African revolutions which recently took place. They were tortured, in lice-infested, dirty jail cells and denied food and medical attention--to make matters worse for him and his family, Eddson was fired by his employer, the United Food & Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe, for missing work while he was imprisoned. Yet you would not know it from talking to Eddson that he has suffered and continues to suffer such a terrible ordeal. His light-hearted spirit and emanating kindness distracts from his situation. 

In the last message I received from Eddson, he asked me about my family, and told me about his 3 year old son. He says that he is very sad he can not raise him better, because of the situation he finds himself in. But he remains positive and hopeful. "Just being my friend makes my life better, especially this time when I need friends most" he writes, "I and my family are praying day and night that something, an Organisation or individual will come to our rescue and we haven't lost hope yet."

If you're someone who is always thinking--"I am just one person, what good can I do?" then this is the perfect opportunity for us to give you an answer to that perennial and all-to-common question. You may be surprised by the answer.

And the answer is "everything."

To contact Eddson or send financial support to him and his family during their time of need, please email echakuma1 (at) .

For more information about his case visit this link.  

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  1. A great cause! Please everyone, do what you can to help--even if it is just sending a quick email letting him know that you are thinking/praying for him and his family!