Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Can an idea of "peace itself" affect real change?

It is hard to discuss the prospect of peace in our global age of war, massacres, and much bloodshed. There are so many prevalent human rights issues being discussed in the news on a daily basis, and nearly every minute our twitter feed tells us of another shocking event that would cause anyone to shudder.

So now we are brought to the question of the times: Can we discuss peace in its own terms? Is peace more than just the product of a cessation of conflict or the absence of war? Our interviewees thus far have reinforced our hopes that peace CAN be discussed on its own terms...each person expressing the belief that peace goes beyond discussion of war and conflict and into an often more abstract, but sometimes more specific realm. Peace can be something as simple as knowing where your next meal comes from, as simple as calm and peaceful communications between countries, members of a community or members of a family.

But can this idea of peace be expanded and put into practice in order to affect real change--whether it be in our homes, our communities, our countries or the world? That is the question of the day.

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