Thursday, 21 July 2011

Support for Eddson!!!

Hello friends, family and followers. We are still looking for support for Mr. Eddson Chakuma. Eddson is one of 6 activists held on charges by the Zimbabwean state for gathering to watch videos of the Arab Spring uprisings--particularly those in Tunisia and Egypt. Zimbabwe's POSA law disallows individuals to gather or organize in any way that could be construed as "activism". 

Eddson was fired from his job for missing work while he was kept in a flee-ridden prison and tortured. Now, as the case continues--the Zimbabwean state seemingly grasping at straws to keep charges against the 6 activists--Eddson is feeling the financial strain. He has had to move his family away from him so that they may avoid harassment and the costs of maintaining his household, paying his bills, buying food and traveling to his hearings are overwhelming. In order to help Eddson in his time of need, NUPRI and the Agents of Peace project have started a fundraiser to help Eddson and his family start a Chicken farm which will provide sustainable support to them not only during the case but afterwards as well. 

Eddson was hesitant to write us a proposal for this project. He wrote to Dr. Toivo Koivukoski "it is difficult when you are the one asking for help." During our interview with him on the 15th he told us "I can not be seen begging forever", but we do not think that he is begging at all. Eddson is a proud man with mouths to feed--a difficult situation for anyone to be in. But he is not to proud to ask for assistance when his wife, children and retired father are on the line. For that we applaud him. 

Please take the time to donate to Eddson's chicken project. It costs $500 for 500 chicks, and the feed for these 500 chicks will cost $1450. The chicken run, where the chicks will be kept until maturity will cost him $400. 

A donation of $10 will buy Eddson and his family 10 Chicks! Likewise, a $30 donation will feed those ten chicks until maturity! So think about it: for about the cost of a family dinner at KFC or another food outlet you can provide Eddson and his family with 10 chicks and enough food to take care of those ten chicks until they are old enough to sell! 

If you are one of those people who ask yourself "I am just one person, what can I do?", this is a perfect opportunity to have that question answered once and for all. 

The answer is... tons! 

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