Friday, 15 July 2011

Eddson Chakuma

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Mr. Eddson Chakuma this morning as part of the Agents of Peace project. We have uploaded clips of the interview to our website and you can access them by following this link

During the interview Eddson Mentioned that he is struggling financially. He has had to move his family away to avoid harassment and after being fired from his job during his imprisonment, he is struggling to support his family. With the added cost of travelling to court hearings, Eddson is finding it difficult to get by. His goal is to start a chicken project on some land that is owned by a friend of his--however the cost of doing so is quite high for him in his current situation. We hope that you will take this opportunity to donate to Eddson's cause. This is a chance for us as individuals to act as Agents of Peace and Change, if only in a small way.

Please see below to learn how you can donate to this cause through the Nipissing University Peace Research Initiative and the Agents of Peace.

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