Monday, 18 July 2011

Eddson Chakuma case postponed once more...

Eddson Chakuma and his fellow activists went to court this morning in Zimbabwe. The Judge who had been on the case has recused himself as he is not comfortable with the case... a sure sign that the charges against the above mentioned activists are at least a little bit unwarranted. The case is postponed again until the 22nd of August and a new Judge will be appointed. The state of Zimbabwe has changed the charges against the 6 Activists for the second time and now charges them with Conspiracy to cause Public Violence. Eddson thanks everyone for your support. Please stay up to date on what is happening in this case as August 22nd approaches.

In the meantime, please donate to Eddson's chicken project. He and his family are in dire need of a way to sustainably support themselves. Since his arrest Eddson has been struggling to take care of his family--which includes his father and step-mother, his wife and his three year old son. You can learn more about his chicken project by listening to his interview on the NUPRI website.

Thank you everyone for your support.

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