Friday, 1 May 2015

Expressions of Peace

Yesterday afternoon the last 6 Agents of Peace Vines were released to Vine and Twitter. As much as this concludes the original actions of the project, to disseminate 'peace' into something as small and concise as possible, it still leaves a whole other aspect of action to take. Spreading these definitions of peace as widely as possible.
So far the Vines have been generating some interest but not as much as I think they should based on the content being tackled. These clips have been designed to create a discussion and discourse on our notions of peace and what peace means to different people.
Questions are going to be raised because of these Vines.
Is peace just the absence of war?
Is peace managing to collateral damage from war?
Is peace harmonious discussion and living between differing cultures?
Is peace the realization of individual human potential?

Ultimately...what is peace?
Further, in what way does peace take place? In what context?
World Peace?
Community Peace?
A Peaceful Country?
Peaceful Lives/Life?
How broad is Peace? How individual is it?
Does peace for one person mean suffering for another? Can that be avoided?

There is every possibility of filling the rest of this post with questions on peace but that is the point of the Vines. These questions need to be examined even if it is only for 6 seconds at a time. The best way to generate topical discussions on these questions is to pass around the Vines on Twitter and Facebook. Send an email to a friend or pull a clip up on your phone and ask someone what they think of it.

Create the space for peace.

Here are links to the last 6 Peace Vines as well as a link to the NUPRI Vine page where all the past Vines are located.

John Schram
Daryl Copeland
Patrick Dennis
Ronit Yarosky
David Tal
Jessica Wilson

NUPRI Peace Vines



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