Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Question of Peace

Spring is finally making itself known. Early in March it felt like the seasons were beginning to change but it ultimately turned into a game of hide and seek. There would be hints of Spring only for Winter to drop a few inches of snow. That seems to be in the past though as the snowbanks are significantly smaller and the warmer mornings are becoming more and more apparent. Its nice to have to debate on wether I should take a coat or if a hoodie will suffice for the day.

In the last few weeks a number of new Peace Vines have been sent out into the world. Since the last update vines from Ian McKay, Yannick Tona, John Ralston-Saul, Fidraus Kharas, Tuula Fai and Faye Blais have been looped a total of 82 times. It sounds small compared to some vines which hit several million loops in a matter of days. There isn't an expectation that one of the Peace Vines is suddenly going to go viral and overnight the whole page is going to detonate. Most of the people who have millions of views on vine are ordinary people who post on a regular basis and who build a following and a viewership one vine at a time. In order to do this there has to be continuous and regular content being put up to sustain the followers attention. At some point a post will trigger something within the collective viewership and a sensation is born.
Largely Vine is about the simplicity and ease of sharing. It is a small bite sized piece of content that someone can view quickly several times and take time to consider over a cup of coffee. A viral Peace Vine would be a wonderful thing but there is an awareness that compared to most of the other content on Vine the AoP vine project is an outlier. Not that that is discouraging, quite the opposite, it is encouraging to the point of trying to find a way to ensure a viewership is built that recognizes the space this vine project is trying to create.

A short time ago it was mentioned two integral members of the NUPRI had released a new book. THE QUESTION OF PEACE in Modern Political Thought by Toivo Koivukoski and David Edward Tabachnick has received its first review both the Chapters/Indigo website and Congratulations to both of them on pushing the discourse on peace and the question of peace in the modern sense. An awareness of what peace means, as varied as the definition can be from one individual to the next, is important to understand. This is in large part what the Peace Vine project is attempting to do. Each of the Vines represents an individual understanding of Peace and not all of them may be the same but it is an opening for others to step in and consider each of these definitions as a portion of the larger idea of peace.

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