Friday, 24 February 2012

Eating on a Budget with a Conscience Challenge!

In partnership with Gender Equality and Social Justice at Nipissing University, NUPRI is hosting an "Eating on a Budget with a Conscience Challenge". This challenge will be part of the programming for International Women's Week 2012, the theme of which is The Grocery Bag. 

The Challenge is: make a meal for 10 dollars or less for yourself and 3 of your favourite friends using as much local, organic and ethical food as you can. Take pictures or videos of the whole process--where you got the food, how much it cost, how you made it, and how you eat it! Be sure to show us the finished product with you and your friends sitting down to your inexpensive and globally conscious meal. If you win (the way to win is to have the most ethical and cheep meal!) then you'll get a prize full of local and organic goodies! 

Then, go to our youtube page and upload your video response:

To see what people are saying about eating consciously on a budget visit our Vimeo:

If you want to be involved in the challenge, or know someone who does, send us an email at or The deadline for the challenge is Friday, March 5th.

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