Friday, 13 January 2012

Eddson Chakuma Chicken Project Well on the Way to Success

Happy New Year from the Nipissing University Peace Research Initiative! 

In 2011 NUPRI held a fundraiser for Eddson Chakuma, one of the activists charged with treason in Zimbabwe for watching videos of the Arab Springs. 

Thanks to the support of the students, faculty and staff at Nipissing University, as well as the generous donations of many other individuals in our community and beyond we were able to raise enough money to help Eddson start up a Chicken Project to help take care of his family, pay for his education and offer continuing support for his activism as he works towards freedom and justice in Zimbabwe.

We are happy to announce that as we sail into 2012 Eddson’s chicken coop is full of healthy chickens, which will be sent to the market this week.  

On behalf of Eddson and his family as well as all the members of NUPRI, we would like to thank you for you support in this endeavor. This project is a great help to Eddson who, along with his comrades, is still in the midst of the groundless trial that began last March. 

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