Tuesday, 24 July 2012

NUPRI at Piebird B&B: Nature and Peace

Human beings, as far as I can tell, tend to find a great deal of peace in nature. In fact, I would even go so far as to say this little tidbit is indisputable. But why is it that we find so much peace in nature?

Last week NUPRI went on the road and visited Piebird Bed and Breakfast, owned and operated by a lovely couple, Yan and Sherry. As soon as you step onto their property you are struck by the beauty and the peacefulness of their lifestyle. Yan and Sherry are Vegan animal lovers who grow most of their own food (this includes the food they feed to their B&B guests) and live with and care for a herd of goats, some chickens and some very happy cats. 

We asked them why they think that people feel at peace at Piebird and the answers they gave resonated with beautiful truth. The land, they explained, has a sort of magnetism. Nature is a vibration. We are connected to the earth. The land is happy and it attracts happy people. 

Is this the case? We are certainly from nature, originally. But for the most part, human beings are no longer of nature, so to speak. If we find so much peace in nature, if we are meant to live alongside nature, then why have human beings spent so many centuries and put so much effort into building homes that protect us and shield us from nature? Why do we live in 'concrete jungles'? Why do we cut down trees just to grind them up and glue them back together to form furniture and paper and disposable cups? 

These are the questions that we at NUPRI are ruminating on this week as we reflect upon our time at Piebird with Yan and Sherry and their animal friends. 

Here are some clips from the interview, so you can ruminate on them too:



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