Friday, 16 March 2012

The contents of peace

Peace is a loaded word. It seems to encompass a whole spectrum of human (and non-human) needs and desires. These in many cases include: happiness, coexistence, human security, shelter,  compromise, clean water, communication, agreement, inner peace, knowledge and many more.

Firdaus Kharas on Peace by NUPRI

Metta Spencer on Peace by NUPRI

Here, Firdaus Kharas, an award winning film maker, and Metta Spencer, a writer, academic and activist explain what peace does and does not contain. One thing is clear for both Kharas and Spencer: peace is more than the absence of war.

What do you think? Is the defintion of peace as the absence of war outdated? Is it somehow an anachronism in our intellectually, economically and technologically advanced society? And if it is outdated, then do you agree with these two Agents of Peace as to the contents of peace itself?

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